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Sea poems богданов Артём. 10A

НазваниеSea poems богданов Артём. 10A
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Богданов Артём. 10A.

We rather have the iceberg than the ship,
although it meant the end of travel.
Although it stood stock-still like cloudy rock
and all the sea were moving marble.
We rather have the iceberg than the ship;
we rather own this breathing plain of snow
though the ship's sails were laid upon the sea
as the snow lies upon the water.
O solemn, floating field,
are you aware an iceberg takes repose
with you, and when it wakes may pasture on your snows?

The iceberg cuts its facets from within.
Like jewelry from a grave
it saves itself perpetually and adorns
only itself, perhaps the snows
which so surprise us lying on the sea.
Good-bye, we say, good-bye, the ship steers off
where waves give in to one another's waves
and clouds run in a warmer sky.
Icebergs behoove the soul
(both being self-made from elements least visible)
to see them so: fleshed, fair, erected indivisible

Воронова Екатерина. 10А.

The dolphin is swimming out to sea,

Out to sea, out to sea,

The dolphin is swimming out to sea

Late at night.

The dolphin is diving far below,

Far below, far below,

The dolphin is diving far below,

Late at night.

The dolphin is coming up for air,

Up for air, up for air,

The dolphin is coming up for air,

Late at night.

Дельфин плавает по морю,

По морю, по морю,

Дельфин плавает по морю

Поздно вечером.

Дельфин ныряет далеко вниз,

Далеко вниз, далеко вниз,

Дельфин ныряет далеко вниз,

Поздно вечером.

Дельфин выныривает на воздух,

На воздух, на воздух,

Дельфин выныривает на воздух,

Поздно вечером.

Васильева Валерия. 10А.

Wherever he went, you go to the sea,
inhale its unique smell,
come into his gaping body
in the open arms fall,
and it will be taken prisoner and a prison.
You caressed a strong tender paws.
And the sea will be listening carefully,
as you listened to him at night,
his anxiety, joy and sorrow
guessing his own instincts.
It will not understand you, perhaps,
but does it matter if the sea,
the only way to silence
on a lonely island of yours.

Куда бы ни пошел, ты выйдешь к морю,
вдохнешь его неповторимый запах,
войдешь в его распахнутое тело,
в раскрытые объятья упадешь,
и станет оно пленом и тюрьмою,
тебя лаская в сильных нежных лапах.
И море будет слушать осторожно,
как ты его выслушивал ночами,
его тревоги, радости и горе
угадывая собственным чутьем.
Оно и не поймет тебя, возможно,
но разве это важно, если море,
единственное средство от молчанья
на одиноком острове твоем.

Ильина Мария. 10А.


Dolphins play,

The sea laps,

And seagulls shout in height,

The sail grows white

Also it is torn to will,

The yacht floats in blue.


Играют дельфины,

Плещется море,

И чайки кричат в вышине,

Парус белеет

И рвётся на волю,

Яхта плывёт в синеве.

Без названия (памяти сёрфингистов)

Sharks smartly floated,

For surfers waited,

But on the sea a calm and a smooth surface,

Surfers not to see.

Акулы бойко проплывали,

Серфингистов поджидали,

Но на море штиль и гладь,

Серфингистов не видать.

Ткачёв Андрей. 10А.

She is horrible.

How to survive?

Anyway, if you aren't protected.

Really, be ready to danger.

Keep control of all and you will survive

Она ужасна.
Как выжить?
Никак, если Вы не защищены.
Действительно, будьте готовы к опасности.
Удержите контроль над всем, и Вы выживете.

Грехова Варвара. 10А.

It was very dangerous.

We were alone in the sea.

Round us swam sharks.

Night replaced day.

And we remained one,

One at this mighty and huge sea.

Городецкая Юлия. 10А.

I saw one dolphin near the sea.
He was so sad. He lay on the shore.
I didn't know how to be.
I should help him. Yes, I'm sure.
I spoke with him. He had no friends,
He would be happier if he had.
But this is life. And that's not the end.
It's a small loss, but life isn't bad.

Фишкова Ирина. 10А.

Sea, the sea you stir
Sea, the sea is dangerous
Sea, Sea of you well
In the sea are found crustaceans, fishes, crabs and fish fry.

The sea is very friendly,
At the same time very scary,
But without you, life is not perfect,
After all, you're very cool
You're so blue,
You're such an unearthly
Life without you I can not imagine I
Because I'm beautiful

Море, море ты волнуешь

Море, море опасно

Море, Море ты прекрасно

В море водятся рачки, рыбки ,крабы и мальки.

Море очень дружелюбно,

В тоже время очень страшно,

Но без тебя жизнь не прекрасна,

Ведь ты очень классное

Ты такое голубое,

Ты такое неземное

Жизнь без тебя не могу представить я,

Потому что я красивая

Пилипенко Карина. (9б)

White so pure it hurts the eyes
Towering high into the skies
Silent assassin of vessels
Quietly in the deep sea nestles
Guardian of unpredictable seas
That makes the sailors blood all freeze
Seems so peaceful, seems so quiet
The iceberg waits, with a wreck beside it.

Иванова Юлия. 9Б.


In sunny days sea is spark,
And waves are very shy.
But sometimes sea are too dark
Waves stirring, but it’s her trait

And roar is but delusion...


Waves shakes

Hence greater fatty

At see azure

Long way

Even back

Serenely and easy


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