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  • Present Simple

  • Special Questions

Answer the questions:

  • What is the day today?

  • Today is Thursday.

  • What date is it today?

  • Today is the 3d of December.

  • What season is it now?

  • It is winter.

  • Who is absent?

drive a car, sing, play the computer, ride a bike, see Moscow, write the letter, read books.

  • On Monday______________.

  • On Tuesday______________.

  • On Wednesday___________.

  • On Thursday_____________.

  • On Friday_______________.

  • On Saturday_____________.

  • On Sunday______________.

Tell about yourself

Вопросительные слова

  • wh- w who- h

  • What who

  • What colour whose

  • Where

  • When

  • why

Виды вопросов

  • General Question

  • Do/Does

  • Special Questions

  • вопросит.

  • слово

New Words.

  • Begin (начинать) His school begins at nine.

  • Breakfast (завтрак) Mum cooks breakfast in the morning.

  • Dress (одеваться) I like to dress well.

  • Finish (заканчивать) I finish reading the book.

  • Get up (вставать) She gets up at eight.

  • Home (дом) My home is in London.

  • Lunch (2-ой завтрак) Rob never has lanch at school.

  • Be on time (прийти во время) You are always on time.

  • Shower (душ) I always take a shower in the morning.

When do you do smth.

  • At ........ o`clock .....

  • ( get up, dress, have breakfast, go to school, play tennis, sleep...)

Hello, friends.

  • My name is Kate. I`m 12. I live in Great Britain, London. I`m a pupil. I`d like to tell you about my usual day.

  • Every day I get up at 7 o`clock. I dress my

  • school uniform, have my breakfast and go to school. My classes begin at 9 o`clock.

  • I usually have 5 or 6 lesson in a day. I often have lunch at school. When the classes finish I don`t go home. I and my friends play volleyball or tennis. At 5 p.m. I go back to home. Sometimes I run in the park or ride a bike.

  • In the evening I always do my homework, sometimes I watch television or read books. My day finishes at 10 p.m. And I go to bed.

  • That is my day. And what about you? What do you do every day? Please, write me.

  • Your friend, Kate.

Fill in the gaps

  • Her name is ........

  • She ........ in Great Britain.

  • ....... is a pupil.

  • Every day she ................ at 7 o`clock.

  • She .......... breakfast and go to...............

  • Her classes begin at 9 ................

  • She often has .............. at school.

  • She and her friends ............volleyball or tennis.

  • At 5 p.m. she ....... back to home.

  • Sometimes she runs in the ........... or ride a bike.

  • Her day ................... at 10 p.m.

  • And she ..... to bed.

Make up sentences

  • At, o`clock, Sally, up, 7, get.

  • _______________________

  • Does, go, school, when, Tom, to?

  • __________________________

  • You, do, what, do, morning, the, in?

  • _________________________

  • On, I, time, am, always.

  • ___________________________

  • Breakfast, he, school, does, have, at?

  • _______________________________

The lesson is over.

  • Good Bye!


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